Must-Have Checkist for a Road Trip

On seeing a long empty road ahead of us, many of us have wished that could just leave everything and take off to some destination , riding along the highway for as long as we can. Well, that's the travel bug in you which starts jumping right at the sight of an enticing long road.

Are you tied with work all round the week and taking a break almost seems impossible and to add to the monotony are the never ending expenses? Fear not! WeTrippy totally gets your attention and understands your condition.
We have compiled here a list of some amazing "One Night stands" and "Weekend Rides" all originating starting from Delhi. So depending on your liking and time you have in hand, click to see where will you be heading off this coming weekend?

But we suggest you should check out this list of "Must-Haves" before you venture out on your next road trip adventure:

- A Bike or a Car
- Money for Fuel, Food & unknown expenses.
- A Good Camera
- some real Cool music.
- all the necessary chargers & power packs
- Sunshades & Sunscreens
- water
- first aid kit (just keep it handy)
- wet wipes
and most importantly - Some real cool friends!

Go someplace where you have not been before

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Anywhere that\\\'s 200 to 300 kms from Delhi

Popular Road Trips from Delhi

Anywhere around 200-300 kms from Delhi