What is Budget Travel?

WeTrippy caters to everyone's needs. That's why we have special programs for budget travelers as well. However, everyone has his or her own view of what a budget traveler is. Therefore, WeTrippy's list of budget travel will be different from some other travel company. To magazines like "Budget Travel" and "Travel and Leisure", or even writers like Rick Steves, “budget” means $120+ USD hotels and $40 USD meals. However in India, this will be not the case. So, one of our biggest budget tips is to know what you want to spend your money on, before your plan your trip, and then use that as a basis for forming your budget. That way, you don’t overspend while on the road, because you have prepared as much as possible. Neither will you be coming home early because you got blindsided by costs. If you’re aware of your costs, you can better plan your budget and then be frugal with your money — without being cheap. Because you won’t get a second chance as often as you think you will. Spend your money on those great activities you’ve dreamed about instead of skipping them just because they come with a price tag. If you only have a small amount of money to spend, better to take a shorter trip doing all the activities you want than constantly saying, “I would love to do that, but I can’t afford it” on your longer trip.
For us, traveling is about being frugal — not cheap. It’s about not wasting money on frivolous stuff. Not snacking or buying a million tacky souvenirs or going out and getting drunk every night. It’s about knowing when and where to spend your money, no matter how much you happen to have. So go out and enjoy your trips. Here are a few amazing places that you can visit without putting a dent in your pocket.

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Best Seasons:All Year Around
Popular Location:Asia Pacific, Europe as well as the Indian Sub-Continent.

Top Budget Destinations

Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada as well as the Indian Sub-Continent.